About Us

About Us

About the Owners

Robin Horner and Eugene Allison have owned Freedom First Fireworks, LLC since 2010. Robin has been in the fireworks business for 17 years in both wholesale and retail sales of consumer fireworks. They are in the process of growing their wholesale business to serve the entire US market by offering high quality, competitively priced products that no one else sells.

Robin became involved with the fireworks industry while doing adoption and orphan care work in China. This led to becoming acquainted with many people in the industry in Hunan, Jiangxi, Beihai and other provinces. Robin is still involved in adoption and orphan care activities throughout China.

Eugene started in the fireworks business in anticipation of helping to fund an organization he started called The ABBA Fund www.abbafund.org . This organization supplies financial support through grants and interest free loans to Christian couples who are wanting to adopt orphaned children.

Our Retail Store

We have one of the largest retail outlets in eastern U.S. with a 5000 sq. ft. showroom and over 500 different items!

Brands Carried by Wild Wilma's Fireworks

Our goal is to bring you many reliable options from top China manufacturers we selected. You will not find this at the large fireworks companies that, frankly speaking, have had a “monopoly” style stranglehold on the business for many decades. Even those large companies who do appear to offer more than one brand, the company owns all of the brands that they offer, so it is an attempt to make you the customer feel like you are being given choices among several manufacturers. Here are some of the larger brands that we offer:

FREEDOM FIRST - This brand is owned by Freedom First/Wild Wilma’s Fireworks. Among the items manufactured under this brand is our famous SUPER SPUD GUN ARTILLERY shell. LEOPARD - This brand is co-owned by Freedom First Fireworks, LLC and Fuxiang Fireworks. By working directly with the factories of Fuxiang Fireworks in selecting and designing items that we know are appealing to consumers, we are able to offer excellent performing products at very competitive prices. Our 500g cakes are among the lowest priced and best performing cakes on the market.

MAGNUS - This brand came on the market in 2013. It was founded by Marx Wu from Magnus Fireworks, who was a chief technician and salesman for Winda Fireworks for over 10 years. Marx couples his technical knowledge of fireworks manufacturing with his training as an educator to present to the industry a full line of high quality, best performing, and quickest selling items ever. Each MAGNUS item has excellent shelf appeal, performance and customer interaction QR codes. Anyone with a Smart phone can scan the QR code and watch that item’s video immediately.

SUPREME - This fireworks family started by producing firecrackers in their small kitchen many years ago. While learning English as well as working in the fireworks business, several of the children have taken the business well beyond the firecracker production. SUPREME offers a wide range of items at excellent prices, and their items also have excellent shelf appeal, performance and customer interaction QR codes.

SKYSONG - For years Peter Pan, owner of Skysong Fireworks, has delivered high quality items to the US market. We are fortunate to be an importer of the great looking, well performing and modestly priced items from them.

We sell other brands as well, and as you see above, we own one brand outright and we joint venture with a Chinese company on another brand. For all of the other brands that we sell, we have no ownership interest in the brand or the factories...we just have an interest in bringing you the best items from many manufacturers at competitive prices.